Happy FriYay all! :-) Started the day off with a workout at the gym! :-) The weathers been so's a great motivation. I really wanna start running outside but I feel I need a buddy. Lol Picked up some new Egyptian Cotton face cloths for my facials. I love steaming my face with them after I've done a Vitamin E mask. Every now and again Primark bring out some awesome quality Basic T's and a recent purchase from a week ago was one of them. It's like a finely knitted fabric...a light knit? Maybe? But it's made from polyester. I adore this kind of style and I love that's it's a V neck. They suit me much better. I love a good basic white tee. I'm slowly gathering my summer wardrobe. I know what suits me and I stick to it. 

Have any of you tried those protein bars? I recently's by The Food Doctor. My brothers and I tried them and I didn't like it but I needed to replenish after the gym. I bought them again today and got some different flavours. I hope they're good. I'll talk more about this on a separate post as I have more to share. I also think its time to bring back the DFD (Daily Food Diary) 
I have to say since not eating meat I feel bloody amazing! My body's still adjusting to the changes but I don't really miss it. Next week will be a full month of no meat. I can't believe it?! Like...seriously!!!

I'm blogging daily again and I hope you enjoy what you find. :-) I have some new and remixed things coming up on ksisoooofly I'll definitely be sharing more of me on here. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 



May already? Can you believe it...? I can't! The months are just flying by. How've you all been? I'm really enjoying the nice weather we're having at the moment. :-) About 3 weeks ago I made the decision through the encouragement of my brother to stop eating meat. So far it feels great. I have serious problems digesting my food and relieving my bowels which puts me in such a uncomfortable state. At most I've gone 5 days without relieving myself, so you can imagine my distress. :-/ I also end up looking bloody pregnant! Lol I'm sticking mostly to prawns and fish! :-) I haven't really craved any meat nor do I miss it.

I'm also trying to drink 2 litres of water a day to flush out my whole system. All foods that bloat me are slowly being eliminated. I think I may have mentioned this before but cheese gives me a really bad headache. Through trial and error I have figured this out and even though I love cheese it's just not worth the migranes. Do any of you have problems digesting food? Are you sensitive to anything in particular?

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