With the current things I'm going through I have no reason to be happy! In fact I should be crying, falling apart and wondering what if? 

But the peace that God has placed in my heart is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Everytime the enemy tries to attack me I'm reminded through friends, family or people who I believe to be angels the promises God has placed in my heart.

It's only this year I've come to know that any battle or trial I face is not mine! It's the Lord's and through him I have won!

I believe by his stripes I AM HEALED! I also believe there is no battle to face because it has been NULLIFIED! The Lord has sent his legions of warring angels to fight on my behalf! I'M A WINNER! We're all WINNERS!

Everything he has promised me will come to pass at the appointed time this year! His will in my life will be done! I know the Lord is taking my family to higher heights...Flourishing Heights. We will flourish in Jesus name!

When you're waiting for something or going through a transition it can be difficult to hold on to your faith but I'm telling you now GOD DOES NOT LIE!

So...hold on with all your faith and speak it into existence! IT's TIME! 

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