We're nearing the end of January...and it's only now I've decided to write a post. Haha

Let me start of by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! :-) I always find myself amused when I write like this...like someone's actually reading my blog! I often think no one does. Ha!
So...JANUARY! Don't really have much to say, I just wanted to pop in and say "ello mate!" Lol

I don't have anything extraordinary to share but I do know that 2017 is about me and things I'm passionate about...its about resurrecting forgotten talents and talents I didn't know I had. #1415

I think I found a space that could possibly be mine if I can get the funding and restore it to a useable state. I want it to be my  art/design studio. 

I found it yesterday...I wasn't even searching for a space. I just came across it while searching for something else and then it hit me like a gust of wind. I need to find out if it's available to buy or rent and if so if I can make this happen. I love the location. I used to live round there and I even studied at the art college across the road back in 03-04.

I've found a place and now I'm giving it to God and letting him do the rest. If it's his will that I have this place then I will.
It will need alot of work which I'm fine with because then I can really make it my own. 
It closed down in 2007 and used to be a farmers market. Apparently it sold the best sausages.

UPDATE: It's unavailable! :-(

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