It's been such a hectic week with everything going on, I never realised how much pressure I put on myself for no reason. I was causing myself unecessary stress! I'm taking each day as it comes no matter what life throws because with God for me, who can be against me?
I always feel guilty when I do nice things for myself and I don't know why? I think the root of it may have something to do with my upbringing...

Anyway my new plan is to start doing more nice things for myself daily and not feel guilty about it! Lol
I am praying and remaining positive that everything God has planned for me comes into fruition because I know this year is going to be life changing!

I've recently just got into SCANDAL...it's sooo...OMG!
Huck is always slicing people, Olivia can't make up her mind, Eli is a real life villain and Abi I suspected was dodgy before she entered the White House. I can't wait to tune it next week's episode now that I'm all caught up.

Another show I'm so in love with is "THIS IS US". This show will evoke emotions you never knew you had. It's such a wonderful surprise. I love the whole concept and format of how they tell the stories. Please watch it, you won't be disappointed! FACT!

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