There was a storm last night and I'm pretty sure it was a BATTLE! I believe God was releasing something here on earth and what we heard was the fight between him and the enemy! Victory is ours because the Lord reigns SUPREME! Unfortunately I didn't take this awesome photo, as I was too scared to look out the window. Lol
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It's always a hectic and exciting time when you have to pack everything you've accumulated in your life up until the present point! Well...I did that recently and believe by the Grace of God I will be doing it again, sooner rather than later!

I've wanted to do things in my own strength throughout this trial, but the Lord has blocked every single action I took. He even went as far as erasing my file. Can you believe that? Lol

I trust and believe he only wants the best for me and I in my own strength will not intervene with the plans he has for me as I only want to walk in his will. Hope you're all doing well? My apologies on abandoning the blog, things have been manic!! I'm doing much better now. Praise God! :-)