The great thing about communication is...it comes in many variants and although I knew of what I'm about to share with you before- it's only now, I really started to "pay attention" when I heard Kameron Edwards share this online. The Lord has been talking to me in so many ways, all this time I didn't even realise. I limited the Lord to my dreams because I thought that was our main form of communication. Can you believe that? Little old me..? LIMITED the Creator of the Universe! Smh He talks to me about the most littlest of things to the largest of decisions and I used to miss all his communication.

I used to think that when the Lord spoke while I was awake I needed a massive sign with beaming lights flashing in front of my face. I'm not saying that can't happen but it's not always the case.

Recently I've found that the Lord communicates with me "out of the blue". I don't go searching and he'll start speaking to me.
There are times I ask questions and he'll respond, but most of the time it's "out of the blue". He talks to me all through out the day! I'm so excited :-) since realising this!!

For example I never realised I was going past a place someone told me about and when it clicked I saw a shop sign that read "over the moon" I thought to myself LOL Lord you're funny! 

Another example is when I asked the Lord specifically about making a purchase. I wanted to know if I should go ahead or not and he replied with a van that said "Better Buy". Lol

A third and last example is when I didn't believe what the Lord was saying to me because I've been  wrong before and I wanted to make sure it was him and not the enemy attacking/tricking me! I needed BIG confirmation, so I asked the Lord for a BIG SIGN...a BIG YES or a BIG NO and he gave me a Bilboard that said "If you're looking for a sign this Bilboard is it!" "A SIGN" was in large font. Lol

Some might say these are all coincidences..? I used to think that way too until my friend kindly told me that God does not do coincedences but God ordained moments. :-)

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