I've learned some things...
Just a deep observation of a "characteristic" of some and people from my past, I'm not sure whether to call it that or a spirit? I think SPIRIT is better! There's a BIG difference between someone who "RECIEVES" and someone who "TAKES"! A person that recieves is always grateful and acknowledge's the gesture while a taker is always expecting MORE! They may even go as far as asking for more trying to manipulate you into believing why they deserve more than what you've given! Lol
I've seen this happen many times and it's quite unbelievable! 

Unfortunately when you're a person that likes to give freely people take advantage. Sometimes I'm not sure people even realise they're doing it? They come with an entitlement spirit (trait) always expecting something/more...
Because you've shown kindness the entitlement spirit will convince the person into believing that they are deserving of more. They take your kindness for weakness!

Where as, a reciever doesn't come expecting and even if they do or don't get something either way they're happy!

If you like to give and you've experienced this...don't let that stop you from showing kindness just create healthy boundaries. GIVE with HEALTHY boundaries and try to be more discerning when a TAKER manifests itself. :-)

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