Hey all! HAPPY AUGUST to you! ;-) Welcome to your new beginning! How was your transition? We're officially in the eighth month of 2017. Can you believe it? We're 4 months away from 2018!! I'm so excited about what the Lord has planned for me. I've been through a lot of tests and trials and during my darkest hours I couldn't see myself making it to this point. By the Grace of God I crossed over to the other side. I don't know if you've noticed? But I've been really active on this part of the blog lately. I have so much to share. I don't really talk too much about my faith on here...but that's what the KSI LIFE section is about..MY LIFE!

I still can't believe we're in August?! Last night as I was counting down into the next month I felt like a child on Christmas Day waiting for it to  be past midnight to open presents. Lol

I AM IN MY NEW BEGINNING! :-) If you don't know 8 is the number of new beginnings in the Bible. I'm expecting something miraculous, unexplainable, unnatural, mind blowing and out of this world to happen on 08.08.2017. Not only because of the 8th month 8th day thing but because 8+8=16+2=18+1=19+7=26 (2+6)=8.
It's a triple new beginning.

I don't have a special reason but I'm just resting in faith and expectancy that something magnificent will happen on that day!

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