It's been quite a week! I feel like I've been through a life changing battle and defeated the BIG BAD MONSTER! Lol This week was stressful to say the least, but I learned so many things. First off, Prophet Kameron Edwards has been on FIRE with his words! I feel like they were tailor made for me. :-) Everything he spoke about this week is what I was experiencing. Praise God! :-)

There were a few days I felt really defeated but I'm chalking some of that to my hormones. :-/ I felt the Lord expose some things to me about myself, he said enough is enough! I have warned you about this in different seasons and you're still not getting it so he intervened! BIG TIME!! I feel so free! :-) If you can, then I recommend you watch Kameron's periscope here to get an idea of what I'm talking about. 

I touched on it a few posts back but Kameron really went in and dissected it. The Lord is doing a clean up ON and IN ME! A clean up on aisle 32! :-) I'm gonna be brand new! I will arrive fresh to my new place! And the things that were are NO MORE!

Isaiah 43:19

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