Have you ever known someone who's constantly trying to control your  behavior with their words? "STOP doing that!" "It's ANNOYING!" "You're too LOUD!" "You shouldn't do that!" "Do this! Blah Blah blah!" "You should be more like so and so!" Mumbling under their breath trying to silence you... You don't need those kind of people around you! They're negative Nancy's and you don't need them in your LIFE! Those kind of people will insult your God given identity then PLAY the victim, when you don't adjust to their manipulative attitude. They are the same people who pride theirselves on encouraging people to be authentic and stay true to themselves.

If you start adjusting yourself to suit people's opinions, you will become a control unit for the ENEMY! Be awkward! Be funny! Be loud! Be joyful! Be bashful! Be friendly! Be You! Most of all be who God designed you to be! :-)

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