So something about myself has really been bothering me...
It's my politeness to protect my boundaries. The not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings in fear of speaking my mind! I thought I'd soughted this problem, but it seems to have crept back in. I've started to harbour such anger about it internally. I'm not angry at anyone but myself. :-( In my boldness I'm not quite bold ENOUGH! I feel like I end up being really mean to get my point across which I hate!

I know that a big part of my mental health being triggered is when people disrespect my boundaries and totally disregard my feelings no matter how small. Normally I'd just walk away when someone does this or doesn't hear me, but I think God is calling me to STEP UP! Show my authority in him!

Thank you Lord for continuing to develop me and reveal parts of me that need to be healed. Amen

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