There was a time I didn't know what REST meant! It was foreign to me. Resting now means: surrendering ALL to God! Unwavering FAITH! If I fall he'll CATCH ME. Not doing things in my own STRENGTH. :-) I've noticed that when you're completely INVESTED in RESTING with God...to some, it may look like lazyness. Sometimes you just need to BE STILL as Prophet Kameron Edwards mentioned in his video. In my time of REST I've learned to hear the Lord alot clearer.

I recognize the enemy's voice alot better now too, especially with subtle attacks that escalate quickly. Because of this, he's found a new way to attack me...the suicide shtick isn't working anymore so he's been coming with things like "You're faith is too confident!" "God's not talking to you, you're crazy!" "You can't talk to God all day, you're wasting time!" HILARIOUS right? :-D My friend taught me to change the spiritual atmosphere with prayer and worship.
The devil hates it when you give God praise, so now I put on some good worship music and just marinate in his awesomeness. Lol Don't be stressed! Stay blessed and REST! :-)

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