If you know me then I've said this so many times. It DOES NOT MATTER what people say to me if I discern something is off then bye FELICIA! What people say without opening their mouth will always supercede what does. I'm so sensitive to the vibes people give off!

I've tried the whole...giving people the benefit of the doubt thing, it always seems to backfire on me! BIG TIME! I've asked the Lord to heighten my discernment to a whole new level after the CRAP I went through in the last season. I'm just so grateful for the Lords everlasting love, forgiveness and protection. I went through a phase of seeing humans as DANGEROUS! I thank the Lord for doing a new thing in me and for giving me an eyejustment to the TRUTH. I thank the Lord for the "26th May 2017" I now know it was all his doing. The Lord aligned everything that day. :-) #FindMeHere
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