Yesterday I felt like I didn't understand what was going on? I was trying to figure out what the Lord was planning based on what he told me. I started speculating and assuming and coming up with all kind of scenarios. Another reason is the location he'd moved me to abruptly a few weeks back...
You see, this is not where I'd be through my own will, but this is where the Lord wants me and I'm obeying as I only want to walk in his will! :-)

Also, something strange happened while I was shopping in the supermarket. A woman comes up to me and says she has a message from the sovereign creator of our universe:

"Your ability to dream will return to you".

When I tried to find her she was gone. At first I wasn't sure if she was talking about the same God but then I asked the Lord to confirm it and he did. :-) I'm so excited about what the Lord has revealed to me and slightly nervous, but not fearful. I hope you're all enjoying this scorching heat we've been having? :-) it's gonna rain  tomorrow! :-/
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